Will the Bakerloo Line be extended to Streatham?

Will the Bakerloo Line be extended to Streatham?

Over the years, there’s been lots of speculation, talk, and consultations by Transport for London on potential extensions of the Bakerloo Line.

The idea is sensible – as the Bakerloo line ends at Elephant & Castle, in zone 1, it has scope to snake further South. It is the only tube line with a terminus in zone 1, which is a bit of a waste as capacity on the line from Elephant & Castle is not fully being utilised.

However, extending an underground southwards, especially through heavily populated areas of South London, is a financial challenge in itself. But it will fix two key problems – the lack of tube options across many parts of South London, and alleviating the crushing conditions on the Northern Line during the morning rush hour.

So where do we stand with a Bakerloo Line extension?

The momentum at this point is an extension to Camberwell and Denmark Hill – two areas that are currently underserved by the tube network and would benefit greatly. But such an extension would not benefit Streatham at all. You can read more about the petition to extend the Bakerloo to Denmark Hill here.

Even Boris Johnson has been giving public backing to a potential Bakerloo Line extension going to Camberwell, and continuing on to Peckham.

With alot of effort currently focused on getting the Northern Line extension to Battersea rolling and a done deal, it seems like we probably won’t be seeing much progress on any Bakerloo Line extension anytime soon though. But I do urge everyone to encourage Lambeth’s Councillors and MPs to campaign for an extension – as whether it goes to Streatham or Camberwell, it will benefit South London as a whole.

Image used under creative commons license – Flickr|Qsimple