Welcome to Streatham Local!

If you’ve gotten here, that means that you’re most likely to be a Streatham resident or someone interested in Streatham, London. Like me. My name is Boon, and I live at Streatham Hill. Having lived here for a year, I love this place. Sure… its a bit grimy in bits (especially the part in front of the derelict Megabowl on Streatham High Road). But Streatham has its charm.

So where is Streatham located? The North boundary is probably somewhere around Brixton. Then going down the main Brixton Hill road, on the A23, you get to Streatham Hill Road, which then leads on Streatham High Road all the way down to Streatham Station. From where, going further South again, you hit Streatham Common Station. Left of Streatham, you get Tooting Bec and Balham. Right of Streatham, and you get Norbury and West Norwood. So there you go. This is the area that I define as the Streatham Area.

Do you agree with my definition? Maybe not? Post your own Google Maps of Streatham in the comments below, or let me know what should or shouldn’t be included in the Streatham area!

Photo used under Creative Commons license. Credit to Matt Brown.