Try Before You Bike Scheme by Lambeth Council

Try Before You Bike Scheme by Lambeth Council

Borrow a bike for 4 weeks, use it how you like!

That’s the new marketing tagline for Lambeth Council’s new scheme to get more people biking in the borough. Realising that many people might want to try out biking before taking the plunge and spending money on a bike, this bike trial scheme was launched.

If you live, work or study in Lambeth you’re entitled to try cycling and exploring the benefits. They will¬†provide everything you might need including lock, lights, helmet and Hi-viz.

Lambeth Council have created this youtube video introduction to Try Before You Bike:

At the end of the 4 weeks trial, there is an option to buy the bike at a reduced cost and sprad payments over 4 months.

In addition, further support is offered such as cycle training, maintenance courses, and a biking helpline.

To find out more information and download the application form to apply for a bike loan, visit