Thefts from cars double from last year in Streatham South

Thefts from cars double from last year in Streatham South

It appears that over the last three months, the theft from motor vehicles in Streatham South has doubled. This includes theft of items from within cars, as well as theft of numberplates.

Sergeant Mark Brindley, of the Streatham South safer neighbourhood team, said to the Streatham Guardian: “The majority of crimes reported in this area involved the theft of numberplates. “This can be avoided through the use of fitting anti-tamper screws to your numberplate.”

There were a total of 40 thefts in the three months this year, compared to only 19 thefts last year.

The advice here is that if possible, please try to park off-street in secure parking. However, if you do park on-street, try to find a well-lit and well trafficked area to prevent thefts from your car. In addition, do not leave valuables visible in cars, and do not leave cars parked on-street for a long time as criminals will know the car is not used regularly.

As always, if you do spot something suspicious in Streatham South, give the Streatham South Safer Neighbourhoods team a call on 020 8721 2628. Alternatively, you can also email this team at the Metropolitan Police here, or visit physically to the police station for Streatham South at 101 Streatham High Rd, Streatham  SW16 1HT.

Article image used under creative commons licence from IngyTheWingy | Flickr