Where and What to Recycle in Streatham

Where and What to Recycle in Streatham

Do you have bulky items to recycle, garden waste, or just have lots of recycling to do? Don’t just dump it by the roadside – like all the fridges, sofas, and mattresses that we see. That just makes the area an eyesore, attracts vermin, and also will cost the council lots of money to specially collect them.

Rather, Lambeth has two recycling and reuse centres. The biggest one is at Vale Street, West Norwood, SE27 9PA. The other one is the Smugglers Way Reuse and Recycling Centre, located at SW18 1JS. The main recycling centre in West Norwood doesn’t accept general waste, but the one in Smugglers Way does. However, both sites will not accept vans or commercial vehicles, only waste from private individuals.

This is enforced quite strictly – when I went to the recycling and reuse centre in West Norwood on a Saturday afternoon, there were two workers there monitoring the cars coming in and out of the location. However, I did see a white van parked outside the centre, and the van driver, still in gardening overalls, carrying big bags of garden waste into the centre without being challenged!

What can be recycled? Actually – almost anything you want. The (long!) list includes:

Aerosols (empty), Aluminium foil (no crisp packets), Batteries (all types), Bicycles – for reuse by Cycooldelic and Bling Ya Bike, Books – for re-sale by the British Heart Foundation, Cans (please rinse food tins), Car batteries, Cardboard and card, Carpet (no underlay please), Cassettes, Cartons, Clothing, Cooking oil, Cds and, DVDs – for re-sale by the British Heart Foundation, Electrical and electronic equipment, Engine oil, Fire extinguishers (empty), Flat glass (window glass and mirrors; no window / door frames, mesh reinforced glass, pyrex-type glass), Fluorescent tubes, Fridges and freezers, Garden waste, Gas bottles, Glass bottles and jars (no pyrex), Hard plastics (e.g. dustbins, large plant pots, trays, garden furniture, outdoor toys (NOT small children’s toys – tea sets, cars, plastic building blocks and action figures) UPVC windows, plastic down pipes, guttering but NOT soffits, fascias or waste pipes., Inkjet and laser printer cartridges, Large tins, Lightbulbs (all types, ‘normal’ bulbs and energy efficient ones), Metal (all items made from metal or that are mostly metal), Mobile phones, Mobile phone chargers, Paper (no shredded paper or wallpaper), Plastic bottles, Plastic pots, tubs and trays from food (e.g. yogurt pots, ice-cream tubs, meat trays), Shoes, Spectacles – for re-distributution to those who need them, Textiles (e.g. curtains, sheets, blankets; no duvets, pillows or sleeping bags)., Tins, Tools (garden hand tools such as spades, forks, rakes etc. These will be refurbished by inmates at HMP Wandsworth and donated to community projects), VHS video tapes – Unfortunately, we do not currently have an outlet for VHS tapes and cannot accept them until further notice, White metal goods, Wood (timber, mdf, ply, chipboard, OSB, hardboard, blockboard and any furniture made from these), Yellow pages.

PHEW! You can see the full and up-to-date list on the Lambeth Council website here.

bins at lambeth recycling centre


appliance recycling at lambeth

I personally went there to get rid of huge bags of garden waste after spending the day pruning the trees in my garden, in preparation for Spring. I made the mistake of not using standard garden waste bags – as you’re not allowed to throw in plastic bags with the waste, so it was a bit tricky to empty the plastic bags that I had used, full of brands, leaves, and weeds. So I do suggest getting some heavy duty reusable garden waste bags, like these ones here available on Amazon.

garden waste recycling in Lambeth

garden waste bin at lambeth recycling centre

Personally, I think if you have furniture or appliances in good condition, it might be worth seeing if a local charity shop will take them, and collect them from your home for free too. That way, they can be reused, rather than recycled or processed for dumping in a landfill.