Where to recycle lightbulbs and batteries in South London

Where to recycle lightbulbs and batteries in South London

Residents have been telling Lambeth council that they wanted to recycle more household rubbish, like light bulbs and batteries. These kind of household items can be toxic if dumped in a general landfill – so its important that they are properly disposed of and recycled. For example, many low energy lightbulbs contain chemicals that might be harmful to humans if leaked.

Low energy light bulbs contain small amounts of mercury which can be damaging to the environment. It is therefore important to ensure that they are recycled rather than thrown away in the household rubbish.

However, where do you go to recycle low energy lightbulbs and batteries in South London, and particularly around Streatham?

There are actually 19 different sites across Lambeth, making it the most comprehensive collection service for recycling bulbs anywhere in Britain.

Light bulbs and batteries can be recycled at the following locations across Streatham & South London:

  1. Brixton – Acre Lane (by Tesco)
  2. Brixton – Barrington Road shopping parade
  3. Brixton – Belthorn Crescent, Weir Estate, Thornton (by Olding House)
  4. Brixton – Brixton Road by Max Roach Park
  5. Waterloo – Baylis Road (by Waterloo Millennium Green)
  6. Clapham – Clarence Avenue, at junction with Kings Avenue
  7. Clapham – Clapham Common tube (near The Pavement)
  8. Clapham – Wandsworth Road (by Westbury estate)
  9. Vassal – Garlinge House, Cowley Estate
  10. Tulse Hill – High Trees (at junction with A205 Tulse Hill Road)
  11. Stockwell – Larkhill Lane, by Larkhall Park
  12. Stockwell – Spurgeon Estate, Thorne Road
  13. West Norwood – Norwood High Street, outside Nettlefold Hall
  14. Herne Hill – Railton Road (by Alexander House)
  15. Streatham – Streatham High Road (near junction with Gracefield Gardens)
  16. Streatham – Streatham Vale (on pavement in front of Homebase car park)
  17. Streatham – Telford Avenue (at junction with Streatham Hill)
  18. Streatham – Valley Road (by junction with Streatham Common North)
  19. Kennington – Tesco car park

Image used under creative commons license from Flickr | CraftyGoat