Platform Barbers at Streatham Hill

Platform Barbers at Streatham Hill

This new men’s barber shop opened up a few months ago at Streatham Hill on Sternhold Avenue, and I’ve walked by it a couple of times. Last weekend, I needed a haircut – so I thought I would give it a try. Turns out, they do a great cut, and also rather reasonably price – £9.

The place looks amazingly swish inside – modern, stylish, a bit glizty, but clean and bright. Its great that they have opened – I’m a big fan of new local businesses, and that stretch of shops, behind the railway tracks, always seemed a bit in need of some TLC.

Anyways, the place always seems a bit empty when I pass by, so if you have a Y chromosome, need a haircut, and live nearby, give Platform Barbers a try and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. They’ve recently set up a Facebook page – follow them here!

With Platform Barbers brightening up the area, the next door long standing Chinese takeaway has also had a bit of a revamp. It looks open and ready to serve customers – but every time I walk past its closed with no sign of activity inside. They have a menu up by the door – and surprisingly, it has a mix of the usual Chinese fast food as well as full English breakfasts – what a unique place.

Platform Barbers: 13-15 Sternhold Avenue, London SW2 4PA