Innovative universal laptop charger from London-based start-up

Innovative universal laptop charger from London-based start-up

If you’ve ever owned a laptop, chances are that you have misplaced or lost a charger before, and had that panic of how to get a replacement charger. I have been down this route before, and unless you own a Apple Macbook, it is not as simple as popping down to a store and picking a new one up.

How do you find a charger that has the right plug head for your laptop? Do you want to wait weeks for it to be sent from the manufacturer’s spare parts centre? And even if you could buy one direct from the manufacturer, like Apple, the prices are eye-wateringly high. £50+ for a replacement MacBook charger!

Imperial Gadgets is a London-based startup that aims to solve this issue. By working with leading charger manufacturers, who make chargers for the big laptop brands already, a universal laptop charger was created. Supporting the vast majority of laptops out there, both Windows laptops & Mac laptops, a universal laptop charger from Imperial Gadgets is easy to buy, ships quickly from the UK, and gives you peace of mind.

There are some other benefits of a universal laptop charger too:

  • Great to NOT have to carry a charger between home and work, if you want to buy a second charger to leave in one of those places
  • No need to remember to bring a phone charger as the charge has a USB port built in
  • Much sturdier than manufacturer chargers and very difficult to fray cables unlike Apple chargers for example which are notorious for coming apart like bamboo chopsticks


The business was founded after the founder (true story!) walked into a Maplins and realised how much the average consumer was getting ripped off in terms of quality for “High Street Store” £100+ chargers that frankly should cost more like £60.

As a special offer for Streatham Local readers, there is a limited time offer of 45% off the universal laptop chargers, bringing the cost down to £27 from £59.99! Just use the special reader discount code, insiderdeals, during checkout.