Green Rooftops by The Urban Wild Project

Green Rooftops by The Urban Wild Project

The Urban Wild Project was set up to install green roofs on about 30 business premises in Herne Hill. Green roofs are usually to be found in back gardens or large commercial buildings. It is the first time a green roof project of this size has been attempted at a community level.

The project is working with shop owners, freeholders such as the Dulwich Estate, local community groups, volunteers, the council, artists, surveys, research students, biodiversity and sustainability experts and the President of The European Federation of Green Roof Associations and author of the UK code of conduct for Green Roofs.

Structural surveys have been undertaken and installation of the first green roof will start shortly.

A project on this scale can make a real difference. Benefits include increased roof life span often well beyond twice the normal life span, improved local air quality, sound insulation and reduced energy costs as buildings are cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Green roofs also help to combat rises in urban temperature, absorb storm water run-off which reduces the risk of flash flooding, and provide places for wildlife such as bees, butterflies and beetles to live, feed, and nest.

If you’re interested in getting involved in this project or starting similar ventures in your area, get in touch with The Urban Wild Project at

Above article from the June 2013 issue of the Lambeth Talk magazine, which isn’t available online unfortunately.. Picture used under creative commons licence Flickr|sixmilliondollardan.