Dunraven Secondary School to Expand with New Primary School

Dunraven Secondary School to Expand with New Primary School

Dunraven Secondary School has just announced plans to expand its intake to include primary school students, in a revamp that will cost £6m over multiple years. The plan is starting from September 2013, two primary one classes will form the first Dunraven Primary intake.

The school will grow by two additional intakes a year, and eventually, primary students at Dunraven will be able to move on to the secondary school.

Principal David Boyle said: “It provides a really positive opportunity for families by having more spaces available but also the benefit of continuity. If you are in primary school your secondary school is also taken care of.”

“The main concern has been around the space issue, but I’m very clear there is plenty of space to make it work.”

The site of Dunraven school currently is not the largest, so I am a bit skeptical on how Dunraven will eventually manage to fit another 12 classes on site, as well as provide enough area for both primary school kids and secondary school kids.

Dunraven has been a pretty good secondary school in recent years. This year, they managed to achieve some good results in GCSEs, with 73% of students getting 5 A*-C grades, including Maths and English. With the coalition government encouraging brand new “free” schools as the solution to the primary school space shortage, its encouraging to see that existing schools are also responding to the need by creating new classes within existing schools to cope with the surge in demand.

Public meetings were scheduled for September 26 and October 3, from 5.30pm to 6pm, at Dunraven School, so do head down there if you have an opinion either way or just want to find out more about the school expansion plans.

Picture in this article is from the Dunraven School Website and is of their new South Block.