Burglary Problem in Streatham

Burglary Problem in Streatham

I used to get flyers through my door from the Metropolitan Police or our local neighbourhood watch patrols that there were burglaries in the area, and to take precautions with securing my house. I never used to pay much attention to them as I’ve never been burgled, and neither have my neighbours.

But recently, two things made me really change my view. The first was that one of my neighbours did get burgled – the burglar came in through an unsecured window at the back of the property.

The second thing was an article in the Independent, stating that Streatham was the 18th highest hotspot for burglaries in the whole of the UK. This data was from moneysupermarket, who looked at how many contents insurance applications there were by area, and of those applications, how many had said they had been burgled in the past two years.

SW16 Streatham came 18th with 26.1 claims per 1,000 enquiries on the website. What’s even more galling is that South London in general seems have an epidemic of burglaries – Balham (SW12) was sixth on the list, with 30.1 claims. East Dulwich (SE22) was ninth on the list with 29.1.

This was from an analysis of 3.49 million applications, so the data size is huge enough.

So what is going wrong in terms of burglary crime in Streatham and South London in general? I’m not too sure. But this has been a wake-up call – and I have done a full audit of the security of my house, including locks, windows, and deterrents like automatic spotlights at the back entrance.

image used under creative commons licence from Peter Rukavina