Boundary Changes: Keep Streatham Together!

Boundary Changes: Keep Streatham Together!

About a year ago, the Coalition government announced plans for boundary reform. The premise of the reform was sound – due to shifting populations, the amount of people in each current constituency was too varied. So actually, not every vote was equal – some votes were more equal than others. And small constituencies by population had a disproportionate share of voice in Parliament through their MP.

However, part of the initial plans involved carving up Streatham to be split between three neighbouring constituencies. This, of course, is not fair – Streatham should be represented with one voice, rather than being marginalised by being on the fringes of three different constituencies.

After a year of lobbying and campaigning, the Boundary Commission has published new plans – and this time, there will be a Clapham & Streatham constituency. Its still not ideal, but at least the 4 Streatham Wards will still be together and represented as a whole. The new Clapham & Streatham constituency map proposed can be viewed here.

However, the process is not over yet. This new combined constituency is still in the “proposed” stage, and comments are being invited by the Boundary Commission. You can submit your comments here by the 10th December.

The Save Our Streatham action group deserve the credit for getting the changes so far – but could the Boundary Commission do more?