Babington Road revamp proposal for street market

Babington Road revamp proposal for street market

Lambeth council have just announced new proposals to create a better community space in the area between Babington Road and Mitcham Lane. This junction is quite a busy one in Streatham.

The hope is that by revamping the area around the junction of Babington Road and Mitcham Lane, and pedestrianizing the area, it will become a more attractive public space.

Plus, Lambeth Council has already approved plans for a fortnightly street market to take place on Babington Road, and this will definitely make it a more attractive proposition as well as a better shopping experience for locals.

One major Streatham institution, the Manor Arms, is smack in the middle of this area, and while there will be inconvenience to the gastropub and its patrons in the short term, it must be a boon for the long-term future. The food at the Manor Arms is apparently excellent!

Before and after pictures:

So what’s in the proposed works?

  • The top of Babington Road will become a shared space and through traffic will no longer be allowed between Mitcham Lane and Babington Road, although a route out for large lorries will be maintained. Two new piazza areas will be created that can host the market and other events.
  • The southern piazza could also host an outside seating area for The Manor Arms (subject to licencing approval).
  • New trees will be planted and seating introduced.
  • A new loading bay will be introduced on Fernwood Avenue to service businesses on the western side of Mitcham Lane.
  • We are also working with Transport for London to see if a pedestrian crossing can be introduced on Mitcham Lane.

The Streatham Action website has kindly published the information leaflet online. You can also view the official details of this proposal on the Lambeth website.

What next?

Well, feedback is now open, and the public is invited to give their feedback in a questionnaire. I think this looks like a good scheme that will really benefit Streatham in the longer term, and offer a great place for the fortnightly street market that will be an asset to Streatham. So do feel free to give your support (or voice your objections!).

If the proposals go ahead, its envisioned that building will start in the Summer of 2013, so quite soon actually.